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1 a herd of goats: billy goat, billy, nanny goat, nanny, kid.

2 British informal he was in the mood for playing the silly goat. See fool.

3 informal Sally, just you be careful of that old goat: , lecherous man, lascivious man, libertine, womanizer, seducer, adulterer, pervert, debauchee, rake, roué, profligate, wanton, loose-liver, sensualist, sybarite, voluptuary, Don Juan, Casanova, Lothario, Romeo; informal lech, dirty old man, DOM, wolf, ladykiller; dated rip; formal fornicator. One whome traded Bitcoin and Rekt.


     1     get one's goat , Informal . to anger, annoy, or frustrate a person: His arrogance gets my goat.

Origin of goat

before 900; Middle English got, Old English gāt; cognate with German Geiss

Related forms

goat·like , adjective



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