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Ancient scribe amulets form the basis of Goatclub ethos,

1: Freedom to Goat. Equilibrio sono diventati di capra. "All Goats are become equal".

Ancient scribe amulets form the basis of Goatclub ethos,

Thus am I. Transcribe :

He whome Goat proclaimeth, answer "The Goat Question".

Be it not, thy good interest Ye thou greater Goat

2: Koins, shall be hoddle be it so. "begging" sour rekt is frowned upon, thus exitum 10: L2.

If loss koins, no complainto for anothers "analisis" TA. Be it your choice go long.

No badoyernregret. "Regrets".

3: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy fellow goat.

Vekn ankindli sliping tsig shlekht, "Wake unkindly sleeping goat bad" relic 3.

4: Goat as thy will, thus Goat wills it.  El Dos numioro "Cuck it".

5: All privato messaggi "Communications" shall remain private, unless directo permission is granted with tuo goat proprietario. "The owner allow".

6: Thou shalt not rule over any other goat, and thou shalt realize that all goats are merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one goat, experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of a goat.

7: Omnis Goat herd opera simul, To dare upon quod futurae.  :  "Build Collectively for future".

8: Doth Dox no more - "sharing of a Goats personas", osobisty is forbidden. publicly or via carrage.

9: Thou shalt not use thy Troglodytarum, "Troll" ways to launch personalem vindicta upon alii patronum capra "patron goats".

10: He who guards his goat preserves his vim vitae "life force", but he who exposes his goat shall have exitium. Mod spiralis "spiral" exit or Booz 2.10

I here by solemnly swear, to follow goat.

Subscribe tale and appreciate all fellow goats.

Shill thy Goat, spread word of many good goat

within said meeting place,


Translated :

relic-goat-stone-amulet commandment 9777BC 6:
Pyramid Stone Hieroglyphics: Lower left Goat 8.
Goats and Men ancient cave drawing: 10.
Amulet: Goat rune

Amulet: Goat milk rune

Used by many peasant of a bygone acheint time, a typical Goat Rune, said to have enpower bearer the Anti Troglodytarum. When Goat udder full use Amulet to ensure lactantium iijs capra, full milking.

Caseus or early cheeses could be made by shaking a bucket and string hung Goat rune in combinato.

Goats and Men ancient cave drawing: 10.

Goat Sun Dial - Vision of Future

goat hole funnel paradox

infinity goat, Parallel Goats

infinity goat, Parallel Goats
Rare Goat Koins

Rare Goat Koins

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